About Your Local Fisherman

Matt Marinkovich gillnets for salmon out of Friday Harbor, WA and Bristol Bay, Alaska. He sells his catch locally on San Juan Island through the "Fish List." Be sure to get signed up if you would like to receive notification of the next sale.

In August Matt catches and sells his sockeye, pink, chinook (king), coho (silver), and keta (chum) salmon. Every fish is bled and iced immediately, then dressed and packed in ice shortly after. Matt fishes close to home so the fish are usually available within hours of being caught.

​Matt also sells sockeye salmon fillets, frozen and vacuum-packed in Bristol Bay, Alaska.  Some fillets were caught by Matt and processed by a small processor in Naknek, and some were processed by Silver Bay Seafoods, the company Matt fishes for in Bristol Bay.  Either way, all the fish is handled with care and frozen quickly and efficiently after it was caught to assure the best quality product.  We also have the classic skin-on bone-in super-paleo canned sockeye salmon for sale as well.​​
We sell our fish directly to our customers.  Whether it is freshly caught, frozen, or canned, we email our customers (and Facebook and Twitter) when and where Matt will be and people meet him to get their fish.  We will hold fish for you if you can't get there right away, provided it works with Matt's schedule.
To be notified when and where we have fish available, please sign up for the Fish List. We will only use your contact information to notify you about fish for sale, and nothing else.

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