NEW Sockeye Cooking Website

A new consumer-facing website, the Salmon Cooking Guide, showcases a wide range of simple, easy, cook-at-home recipes and techniques to help overcome a key challenge for salmon consumers–how to prepare it. The new Salmon Cooking Guide features contributions from leading culinary experts, including YouTube star Adam Ragusea, renowned Seattle Chef Tom Douglas, Alaska-based culinary influencers Maya Wilson and Kaylah Thomas, Bristol Bay salmon experts Susie Brito, and Apay’uq Moore, award-winning Texas barbecue pitmaster Jess Pryles, and more.

About Your Local Fisherman

Matt Marinkovich has been selling his catch directly to fish customers for 25 years. Matt’s Fresh Fish is the combined effort of Matt and his wife, Maureen, with occasional help from their daughters Maddy, Sophia, and Lucy. Maddy and Sophia have both fished with Matt for years in Alaska.

Matt fishes in Bristol Bay, Alaska, where the runs are as sustainable as you can get. Thousands of miles of virgin streams have returned strong runs since the dawn of time. Most recently these streams have returned over 50 million sockeye salmon, five years in a row, making Bristol Bay sockeye a true model of sustainability. Matt offers these fish for sale, sold directly to his beloved fish customers, starting in August.

The fish are filleted, with all the bones removed, then vacuum-packed and frozen. They’re processed in a state-of-the-art plant in Naknek, Alaska, that has more freezer capacity than needed, so the fish are frozen really fast, and are pulled down to a really cold temperature, like -10 degrees F. This creates a fillet that tastes like it just jumped out of the water and onto your dinner plate!

The fillets average 1.25 pounds each, and are no smaller than one-pound, and no larger than two-pounds. Sockeye portions, individually vacuum-packed in 5-7 oz pieces, are also available. We also offer smoked salmon of varying varieties, when available (Matt lines up small batches with family-owned smoke houses).

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Matt also fishes around San Juan Island, in Bellingham and Samish Bays, up near Canada at Point Roberts, and as far down as Vashon Island in Puget Sound. Here he may catch Sockeye, Coho (silvers), Chinook (kings), and Keta (chum) salmon. When these freshly-caught fish come available, Matt sends an email letting you know when and where to come get some fish.
The taste treats don’t stop at wild salmon… Matt sometimes sells other fish he knows has been properly cared for and will be delicious on your dinner plate. You will likely know the fishes whole life story, and the story of the people who caught it. Matt has a line on top-quality Alaskan Halibut, Blackcod (sablefish), and rockfish. As opportunities come up Matt could also bring other taste treats to his customers, so the list of yummies could go on. 
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