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Black cod is a mindblower!

Blackcod is one of the most delicious fish in the world. The first time I tried a piece, I fell into shocked-delight! "It's like the belly of a white-meat king (salmon), all the way through" was my quote to describe this fish.


Blackcod (officially known as Sablefish) is a deep-water fish, and I don't know what it's eating down there, but it winds up being really rich and flavorful. It's so rich, in the old days they called it "Butterfish." 

Wild Alaska Seafood Nutritional Values White Fish.png
Blue Skies


Frozen, vac-packed,
1/2 lb portions
(approximate)skin-on, bones-out
$17 /lb................ 10-pound box
$18 /lb..... less than 10-pounds
Processed bySeafood Producers Cooperative

Blackcod is a mild flavored fish, but there is so much oil and good-for-you fat-content, the flavor and juicy-yum-yum explodes in your mouth. It's like you're eating wonderfully-textured butter, which was thoughtfully conjured from the Omega-3 gods (look at the fat content on this nutritional chart! - "Alaska sablefish" is the fifth down). It's delicious AND it's really good for you! 


One way I cook Blackcod is to make a marinade with miso, soy, garlic, ginger (and pepper), let it sit for at least four hours, then cook it up in some form (like BBQ). Blackcod is a fish that is easy to cook because it is hard to overcook, and it's still good if it's under cooked--it's really hard to mess up. Click HERE for more recipes.


This Blackcod was caught in Southeast Alaska, and delivered to Seafood Producers Cooperative in Sitka, Alaska. The portions are approximately 1/2 pound each, and have all the bones removed. They are a lovely pack, and are all very nicely vacuum-sealed. They are packed into 10-pound boxes, but you can buy as little as one single portion. 

About Matt's Fresh Fish

Matt started out selling his commercially-caught gillnet fish when we lived in Tacoma, way back before the turn of the century (I've always wanted to say that). Matt still gillnets around the islands, and sometimes sells freshly-caught sockeye, coho, chinook (Orca-friendly because it's caught in Bellingham Bay, where there are no Orcas), and keta (chum) salmon.


Since fresh fish are limited to the fresh season, We began offering Vac-packed, frozen, pin-bone out sockeye fillets from Bristol Bay. These best-quality fillets proved to be very popular, because they're so delicious, and they are way easy to handle and cook.


We also on occasion have other taste treats, like Alaskan Rockfish, Halibut, and Blackcod. If Matt isn't directly involved in catching our dinner, we pretty much stick to fish that we can source directly, like we know the fisherman who caught it, so you know you can trust it's going to be great.

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