Matt is going to Des Moines.

Matt has been working with the Port of Des Moines and is excited to be selling Keta salmon directly off his boat in Des Moines! Des Moines is a perfect location to sell fall Keta, because the fishing grounds are literally right outside of the marina. The fish he will be selling would literally have been “swimming by!” 


As always, each fish is handled with care; dressed and iced right on the boat and offered for sale the next day. Often the fish are only hours out of the water!


The run is managed by the State of Washington to assure it will remain a sustainable resource. The local Keta salmon run is healthy, with consistent numbers returning every year.


Keta salmon is delicious! Plus it has healthful Omega-3 fat and easy to cook.

Matt will be selling fish off his boat starting Saturday, October 19, and the following Saturdays on October 26 and November 1. The last opportunity could be Friday, November 7, as this is the last day an opening is scheduled when Matt is allowed to fish.

Tuesday Fish Sales: Depending on how things are going with the, Matt may sell fish on  two Tuesdays: October 22 and November 5.

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