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DSR Rockfish
$15/lb or $14 for 10# or more

Rockfish brown DSR.jpeg

I've longlined for halibut and blackcod for nearly 30 years, and the whole time I fished for those premium products, This rockfish was always my favorite seafood treat to eat! They're technically called Demersal Shelf Rockfish (DSR). I'm not exactly certain of the finer shades of that definition --but I know for sure THEY'RE TASTY! The rockfish offered are mostly a random batch of six or seven common species, like Rougheye, Shortraker, Pacific Ocean Perch, Dusky (I didn't mention "red snapper" because that is the common name for any rockfish that is red).


The flesh of DSR rockfish is flakey, defined, and delicious. As a whitefish, it is mild in flavor, but at the same time the flavor is rich and deep. It's one of those things when you eat it, you say "OMG--holy-shoots!" This is some good stuff... All of that aside, when I eat this fish, I just wish I had a larger stomach...

DSR vs Widow Rockfish


The Widow Rockfish I've been selling for $8.00/pound is a slightly different fish. It swims in large schools in the mid-water column of the ocean, and is therefore easily caught by mid-water trawlers.

While the widow is an excellent fish, I'd say this DSR has a flakier texture and broader flavor profile.

Rockfish SPC pack_edited.jpg

Here are a bunch of rockfish recipes for you to play with, but here's the way I cook it:


  • Lay the rockfish fillets out on the cutting board. Lightly salt both sides.

  • Sprinkle pepper, garlic powder, and parsley (I use parsley flakes).

  • Roll in flour.

  • Pour a thin-ish layer of avocado oil in a hot frying pan (medium heat), then fry fish in the oil, flipping once... until done, but not over done! (It's okay if it still a bit less-than-opaque). When the thinner parts start to flake apart--it's done!​


Pictured below is the assembly-line of Matt's favorite, “Rockfish Sandwich.” It is so delicious; toast, mayo/tartar, cheese, rockfish, with a squeeze of lime on top… Heaven on Earth!!! (a hot sauce goes really good on this…)



Rockfish Sandwich_edited.jpg
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