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DSR Rockfish
Sashimi-grade Albacore Tuna Loin

$18/lb or $17 for 10# or more

These Albacore Tuna are troll-caught one at a time by small-business commercial fishermen. These fish are caught off the coasts of BC Canada, WA, OR, CA, and beyond. Albacore tuna are very abundant in the ocean, and these fish are harvested in the practice most harmonious with other ocean-going species; one hook at a time, and thereby exclusive of catching a non-targeted species.

Each tuna is filleted into four "loins" with only the premium tuna being offered for your dinner plate.SPC's quality-conscious fishermen, and their shore-side processing team create the an absolutely premium product, that will melt in your mouth. This product is as good as you can get.

Here are the exact tuna loins I'll be offering later this week, thawed and ready for lunch in the SPC vac-pack. 

I feel so grateful I can offer this product to you... I mean, a fisherman rolls around in the middle of the ocean to catch this tuna, takes every measure to assure they're perfect, then freezes them aboard the boat, holds them in super-freeze until they get to the fish plant... SPC fillets each fish into four premium loins ...and through the good fortune of my relationship with SPC, I can make them available to all of you on SJI.

Tuna in VP_edited_edited.jpg

I'm not practiced at cooking tuna--I mostly just sear it quickly on the grill and eat it sushi-style. So I asked my brother Frank (who can really cook some tasty fish) for what he would do with a fresh sashimi-grade albacore loin, and here's his suggestion (which is what I did):


Rub the loin with salt and "roll it" in lemon or lime juice for 10-20 minutes; this "cooks" the outside just a bit, adds a touch of lemon flavor, and sets it up for a nice grilling experience.

Before grilling, pat dry and brush with clarified butter

Grill it hot for just long enough to sear each side of the loin (I seared it for around 30 seconds per side).

That's it! Take it off, slice it up, and enjoy!

We enjoyed ours with those mini-seaweed squares and sticky-rice, with a touch of wasabi and a drop of soy sauce. I call it "Sushi Tidbits!"

Oops! I forgot to brush my loins with butter, so I'm guessing they don't look as lovely, but they tasted just as good!


...Just the Bellies...

I sliced off the belly portion of the loin and didn't cook it at all; the belly is loaded with yummy fat, and is really rich and delicious!

Tuna bellies on plate.jpeg
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