Maureen Marinkovich is a Farmers Financial Agent

Because we are a commercial fishing family, one of the ways Maureen helped our family was to make sure the finances were in order. She had to budget the inconsistent income and make sure it lasted until the next paycheck. She helped with bookkeeping for the personal and business sides of our lives, made sure we had health insurance, and a plan for retirement. After several years of staying at home with the kids, she began her career in a bank. That led to the opportunity of getting a series 6 & 63 securities license.


Now that she is licensed, she can help you with your investments. Because she works at an insurance company she also wants to remind everyone the importance of life insurance. Please feel free to click the above link and schedule an appointment. She can meet with you in person or on the phone. She loves all topics financial and is a great resource to local residents of San Juan Island or beyond.

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