Matt is going to Des Moines.

Matt is gearing up to go to Bristol Bay, but he is leaving a trail of halibut tails behind in his wake for Heaven's sake.


When Matt returns, he is going to be charged with an all new vigor to catch as many wild local salmon as possible. As always, each fish is handled with care; dressed and iced right on the boat and offered for sale the next day. Often the fish are only hours out of the water!


It is likely the only fish he will be able to catch (August 2020) will be King Salmon, but don't fret for the orcas because these are caught in the terminal areas of the Samish and Bellingham Bays where the wild orcas do not play. The fish he is catching is a surplus of hatchery fish and it is only a gillnet that can effectively catch the surplus hatchery fish without impacting the wild fish. 

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