Please sign this petition from Alexandra Morton. She is our valued voice.

Clean up the Mt. Polley Mine disaster. Put the sludge back in the tailings pond or step aside and make room for a leader who puts the health of the land and the people FIRST. (SIGN PETITION)


Alexandra Morton created this petition because if enough people take a stand this disaster can be cleaned up and never allowed to happen again! Mining tailings are contained in ponds because they are known to be toxic. This is the biggest mining disaster in the world and this Imperial Mines tailing pond collapsed into Quesnel Lake, where 1/4 of the Fraser sockeye spend the 1st year of their lives. Imperial Mines put these tailings in their pond in the first place, they can do it again, but they need a strong leader to make them. The mining industry needs to know this is no way to do business in beautiful British Columbia. If we love our children, this mess has to be cleaned up. We cannot let it leach into the Fraser River for the next 500 years. All it takes is the signature of everyone you know.

Note from Maureen: She is asking for 5,000 signatures. There are nearly 3,000. Our fish customers can make a difference and help get the number closer to the 5,000 goal.

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