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A chance to give to the Food Bank
in a BIG WAY!   

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I am fortunate for many things, and one of them is that since I love catching and selling fish, I always have fish to eat. But many people simply can't afford fish for dinner, and I would like to do something to change that.


I'm happy to once again offer Widow Rockfish. It is affordable, and also quite delicious (we've used this fish in the Fish for Teeth Fish Tacos for the last few years). This is a great fish that most everybody can afford to take home and enjoy for dinner.


The best part about this fish is that if someone cares to share the joy that fish brings to the dinner plate, Matt's Fresh Fish will MATCH THE DONATION to the Food Bank! If you donate a pound, we'll donate an additional pound. If you donate 10 pounds, we'll donate another 10 pounds for a total of 20 pounds. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO HOW MUCH WE WILL MATCH (we'll even match 1,000 pounds!).


That makes TWICE AS MUCH FISH headed for the food bank. So you can DOUBLE YOUR DONATION DOLLARS, and help load up the food bank with much-needed SEAFOOD protein. We can even give you a food bank tax receipt for the value of your donation, if you wish.


YOU CAN DONATE NOW by clicking the donate button, or you can donate anytime via Venmo, Zelle, or most any of the cash-transfer apps; Please let us know you're donating so we know to match your donation. Let us know if you want a donation receipt we can provide that to you.



Widow Rockfish is a MSC-certified sustainable resource, which means the fish harvested will be replaced by the healthy reproductive cycle of this well-managed resource. Your donation doesn't only put a totally healthful protein on the dinner plate, but it does it the best way possible: sustainable, double-donation, delicious, healthful, effortless, supporting small (fishing) businesses... I think this is one of my best ideas yet!!!

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